Our Team

A committed and energetic team.

The team is respected in planning and development in Queensland and we aim to apply the insight and knowledge gained from this experience to all projects to guide and inform the choices that our clients need to make. An open and supportive team environment is highly valued at Buckley Vann. We seek to create an office in which there is real professional interaction, so that our experience and learnings are shared across the team. We also aim to work effectively as a team with our clients and with other consultants, in order to achieve the best result for all projects in which we are involved.

We are very proud of our team of planners, spatial analysts and support workers. Please contact one of our team to discuss your project and how we might be of assistance.

  • Conrad-Taylor
    Conrad Taylor
  • Greg Vann
  • Kim Amos
    Kim Amos
  • Jennifer Roughan
  • Warren Rowe
    Warren Rowe
  • David Corkill
  • Morgan Randle
  • Keveena Jackson
  • Kylie Rolley-Cervenjak
  • Liza Valks
  • Ashley Everton
  • Roisin Cosgrave
  • Peter Priddle
  • Luke Ciancio
  • Jennifer Morrissy
  • Brenton Doyle
  • Shannon McGuire
  • Josh Walker